Welcome to the Acropolis Project - a resource to equip people to better talk about and understand their faith. 

I'm Alexis. Theologian. Writer. Teacher. Seeker. 

I believe in the priesthood of all believers. I believe our theology should be challenging yet accessible. I believe good teaching and discussion should exist beyond the ivory tower. 

I'm passionate about ...

Raising the bar of theological education 

In churches × In universities × in communities


What gets me out of bed in the morning

The idea for The Acropolis Project was born out of my own process toward deeper theological understanding. Feeling the church didn’t offer what I was looking for, I journeyed to Seminary where I received an M.Div from Union Theological Seminary, focusing in Systematic Theology. I am passionate about encouraging people to dig deeper into their faith, and providing organizations, churches, and schools an opportunity facilitate that deepening, through biblical and theological education tailored to their individual needs. 

I'm a first-career journalist, second-career minister, and you can read more about my story and how I blend these two experiences here

Curriculum options now available!


Study topics of historical importance to the church, as well as those of personal spiritual development. 

My five-day study on the Apostles' Creed is ready for prime-time! 

Other topics available or coming soon include: 

- A Theology of Work

- Free Will

- Corporate Confession

- The Nicene Creed

Have a specific study idea you'd like for your church, group, or organization? Get in touch.



From weekly studies to workshops, I love to teach the curriculum I develop or create an in-depth look at a topic of your choosing. My background in writing, teaching, and theological study will be an asset to your group or event. Talk to me about how I can help your organization raise the bar of theological education. See what I've done and who I've worked with here.

Why "The Acropolis Project"? The Acropolis is part of the area in Athens where Paul explained the Christian faith to the philosophers. I think Paul’s endeavor in Athens is often mis-categorized as solely an apologetic undertaking but I believe he was doing more than just defending the faith. Continue reading


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I'd love to hear from you! Whether you have an idea for a study, want something created just for your organization, or want to geek out on the differences between Process, Free Will, and Open Theism ... I'm all ears: