My Story


Educated in Journalism, I worked for over 10 years in the fields of journalism and marketing. My love for writing and research continues to be part of my professional pursuits. 

This project is born out of my own process toward deeper theological understanding. Feeling the church didn’t offer what I was looking for, I journeyed to Seminary where I received an M.Div from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia in New York, focusing in Systematic Theology. I am passionate about reaching people who are in a place similar to where I was several years ago - providing them (and the organizations, churches, and schools that serve them) with an opportunity to deepen their faith and walk, through biblical and theological education. 

I am a minister of adult education at Woodmont Christian Church, adjunct professor at Belmont University, and a chaplain in the Air Force Reserves. I make my home in Nashville (by way of NY and SF) with my husband of 13 years, Ryan (who has been described as “the most interesting man in the world"), and my baby, Junia (whose grandparents describe her as the most interesting baby in the world).  

Why "The Acropolis Project"? I explain it all here.