Guest blog post: How shall we then live? Concrete actions after the election

I’ve been convicted that wearing a safety pin, or joining a Facebook group, or posting messages of support on social media while potentially helpful, are not enough to overcome the battles ahead of us. We must prepare to love our neighbor in the face of potential opposition over the next several years. But I know why we resort to “salcktivism” as it’s been called: It’s because we’re unsure what else to do.

It’s not for a lack of desire to stand up or speak out or march on, but it is because we are on one hand overwhelmed, and on the other hand ill-equipped. There is so much need and yet we feel paralyzed and unsure where or how to begin. This isn’t news to those who have been fighting and organizing their entire lives and careers, but for many of us it’s an unusual feeling: a fire in our soul without resources to channel it.

This post is to provide some concrete ideas for families and individuals on how to stand up, speak out, and march on. I have committed to DOING one thing each day – between now and inauguration day (and, likely, beyond) – to help create a more just and loving world.

Find my jumping off points for how to do that, in my latest post on Patheos