Guest blog post: Are YOU responsible for empowering women?

I'm excited to announce another blogging partnership! I'll be contributing to Christians for Biblical Equality on a regular basis. My first post for them went live today! Here's a snippet, and you can read the whole thing here

We all have a “thing”—a certain issue, cause, or topic that taps into our passion and causes us to climb up on our soapboxes.

One of my “things” is building supportive communities for women in the church. So much so that, when my husband and I were at brunch with a group of friends recently and the conversation at my end of the table turned to women in leadership and ministry, it was only a matter of seconds before I was on my soapbox. 

I argued that if a male leader in the church believes that women should be in positions of leadership, but doesn’t use his power to actively work toward that goal, he is sinning. 

These words were born out of frustration with a system of complacent privilege in our churches.