Guest blog post: The surprising place I learned about oppression

My latest post for MissioAlliance is live! 

I went to a very progressive seminary where those often considered in the minority for a variety of reasons – based on belief, gender, sexual orientation, race, class, etc – were welcomed and supported in their educational and vocational pursuits.

Great, right? What better way to usher in God’s upside-down kingdom of grace than to empower those culturally designated “the least of these” to think, speak, and lead for themselves?

But I noticed a strange thing happen. Seminary is its own culture, and within it exists its own set of social norms and rules about power. I was a woman, yes, but I was also white and wealthy, from a less progressive background and much more orthodox in my beliefs than many of my classmates.

In this environment of empowerment and justice, I lost my voice.

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