Guest blog post: Why salvation doesn't need the Sinner's Prayer

This guest blog post announcement is particularly near and dear to my heart. It combines two things that have been immeasurably helpful resources for me: the Patheos network, a resource for progressive Christians, and Cindy Brandt's Unfundamentalist Parenting. 

I no longer understand my relation to God and God's relation to the world in the black-and-white way of my childhood. As a kid, salvation was a clear cut case: humans are intrinsically evil; God is righteous and cannot accommodate our wickedness; Christ was sent to bridge this gap; we must accept his sacrifice or spend eternity in hell, rejected by God.

Those of us who have put these absolutes aside are left to wonder: what does that mean for how we understand salvation? I tackle this topic in my first blog for Patheos. Give it a read!