Omnipotence and other theological ... mistakes?

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I mentioned almost exactly a year ago that I would be writing an essay for a book in response to one of my favorite modern theologians, Tom Oord. His book, The Uncontrolling Love of God, examines new concepts in Free Will and Open Theism. The book of essays -- called Uncontrolling Love - contains responses to his work from a number of different perspectives. 

The book came out earlier this month and of course I'm super excited to see my name in print! As part of the launch efforts, I did a Facebook live video where I primarily talked about how we can re-imagine some of the "traditional" conceptions of God - such as omnipotence, omniscience, determinism, etc. - in light of Uncontrolling Love. You don't have to be logged into Facebook, or have a Facebook account to watch it. And I hope you'll give it a listen!