Group study: Theology of Work

How should we then work? 

I used to hear the word “Call” and I would cringe. On the one hand it seemed so unattainable - an idea of the heavens opening up, and the voice of God revealing your divine purpose in life. On the other hand it seemed untouchable - I’ve seen calling used as justification of decisions and immunity from consequences. 

I think a properly understood calling is supported by a well-developed theology of work. In a culture where there is much talk of “passion” and “following your dream,” a theology of work and calling helps us properly orient and discover our heart’s desires. 

There are many helpful and insightful resources that assist in this process. The goal of this study is to walk through some of the main points of Christian calling, utilizing a handful of prominent resources, and helping participants to understand and develop a rightly-focused theology of work.

This is a five-week study designed to be done in a group. Download the study guide for free here